Powerful  Simple Love Spells that work fast

simple love spells

simple love spells

Simple love spells and Simple love spell for a Broken Heart: Sits down in a place where you will be undisturbed and take the egg in your hand.

Allow yourself to think about the relationship that you have ended, and feel all your negative feelings – grief, loneliness and frustration – come to the surface.

Allow yourself to feel these feelings without fighting against them. Cry if you need to.  Don’t be ashamed or afraid of letting out all your feelings.

While doing this, take the egg and roll it gently over your face.  Imagine the egg soaking up all your grief and negative feelings.

Project your unhappiness into the egg as if it were a sponge, soaking up all negative emotions.  When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your bad emotions, bury it outside (preferably as far away as possible from your own house).

Now all the depression you projected into the egg is being absorbed and neutralised by the earth. When you return to your house, make yourself some lemon balm tea and put the rose petals inside.

Sweeten it with the honey. Place the pink candle in front of you, and sprinkle the rest of the rose petals around it.  Now light the candle, and as you do, visualise the scent of the rose petals and the warmth of the candle joining together to fill your room with a beautiful, warm soft pink light and the sweet scent of the rose petals.

Let this fill you with a loving, warm feeling of comfort. Anoint your heart chakra with some of the rose oil. Now, while sipping the lemon balm tea, repeat the following words: “Gentle balm, soothe my heart Bring to me your healing art”.

See yourself filled with and surrounded by gentle love and peacefulness.  Feel yourself knowing that you deserve love, and feel the lightness of being free from your past relationship.

As you gaze into the candle flame, see yourself living a joyous and fulfilling life, happy and healed, free from your former lover. It is done. So mote it be.

For spells with ritually charged ingredients and easy step-by-step instructions, our Releasing Spell Kit and New Beginnings Spell Kit can also help ease the transition after a heartbreak, and open you up to new and exciting possibilities.


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